November 15th 2004 Kyoto University (Shiran Kaikan) Meeting Hall Room Number 213

9:00 Doors Open
9:10 Hiroyuki Matsuda Welcome and outline of the days goals
9:20 Ransom Myers Presentation of the F-MAP International Proposal
10:00 Yasushi Harada East China Sea Biodiversity and Sustainability modeling
10:20 Derek Tittensor FMAP International - Global Biodiversity Clines
11:10 Coffee/Tea Break
11:20 Nobuyuki Tsuji Irreplaceability of coral reefs
11:40 Camilo Mora Reef Fish Biodiversity Patterns
12:00 Toshio Katsukawa Future stock recovery based on population reproductive potential
12:20 Lunch
13:20 Hiroyuki Matsuda We must solve three mysteries in over fishing
13:40 Gaku Takimoto Adaptive Plasticity in Ontogenetic Niche Shifts Stabilizes Consumer-Resource Dynamics.
14:00 Jan McPherson Biodiversity Statistical Methods
14:20 Atsushi Yamauchi Population dynamics and fishery policy for migratory resources with two migration paths.
14:40 Coffee/Tea Break
14:50 Michio Kishi Connection between lower-trophic level model and higher trophic model in coastal areas- introduction to NEMURO.FISH-
15:10 Michio Kondoh Biodiversity and flexible community structure
15:30 Gunnar Stephanson Maximum Likelihood Estimation
15:50 Open discussion: How to work with NaGISA during the Joint Synergy meeting on the 16th
16:25 Open discussion: FMAP JAPAN - the naming of people, positions and responsibilities and the creation of a road map
16:45 Ransom Myers Summary comments:
18:00 FMAP Dinner


November 16th 2004 Kyoto University Meeting Hall Room Number 102

9:00 Doors Open
9:05 Ron O`Dor Outline of the dayfs Joint Session
9:15 Yoshihisa Shirayama Introduction to NaGISA and the NaGISA database
9:45 Ramsom Myers Introduction to FMAP and the FMAP/NaGISA collaboration
10:30 Coffee Break
10:40 *OPEN FOR PARTICIPATION Presentation of Individual research aims of participants (10 min x 7)
12:00 Lunch (1h)
13:00 Moderator: Matsuda Round table discussion: Questions and Clarification of NaGISA and FMAP collaboration
14:30 Moderator: Iken Wrap up with Formal agreement on the FMAP/NaGISA direction
15:00 Coffee Break
15:10 Free discussion time between participants
16:45 Ramsom Myers & YoshihisaShirayama Summary Comments
17:00 Doors Close

18:00 FMAP NaGISA Dinner Dinner Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen