CBD COP10 Side Event ID. 102: Japanese

The role of marine reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in conserving large pelagic species

October 20, 18:15pm - 19:45pm, Room 231B - Bldg 2 - 3rd Floor
simultaneous English-Japanese interpretation provided)
articipation fee: free (COP10 ID is required,)

Hosted by Pew Environment Group with drinks and light refleshment; with presentation from

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生物多様性条約第10回締約国会議 サイドイベント102


日時場所:2010年10月20日 18:15pm - 19:45pm, Room 231B - Bldg 2 - 3rd Floor  


以下の方々の発表があります(日英同時通訳) ワインと軽食を準備しています

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