要覧 2009年12月31日
一般社団法人水産資源・海域環境保全研究会 会長 松田裕之


Message from the Representative Director

Catalogue December 31, 2009

Society for Conservation of Fisheries Resources and Marine Environment (CoFRaME)
Dr. Hiroyuki Matsuda

   Domestic and international realities surrounding fisheries have begun to change drastically. Around ten years ago, negative public opinions about fisheries had been formed by ecologists who pointed out the impact fisheries had on marine ecosystems. In recent years, however, protection of fisheries and marine resources are being encouraged by the trading system of individual catch quotas. Moreover, a dissertation entitled Rebuilding Global Fisheries, which was jointly authored by an ecologist and a fisheries scientist, has started to be widely cited.
   The domestic and international perception of marine products as foods has also changed. Although some note that hazardous substances may be contained within them in some cases, marine products are garnering attention as foods that help improve health, as witnessed in the rising numbers of sushi enthusiasts worldwide. Furthermore, technologies for conserving the water environment, with which be use marine products in different forms, including aquaculture, are becoming widespread over the globe. At the same time, even consumers are required to take responsibility for using the limited “blessings from the sea” in a sustainable manner. Such a tendency has been formed by new public opinions added to traditional ones rather than the new replacing the old, through diverse discussions repeatedly held in and among various countries.
   In consideration of these trends, in order to ensure sustainable uses of marine resources and conservation of aquaculture and water environment as specified in the charter, we expect the association to present results of the world’s objective and scientific research and practical models of successful fisheries in a cross-disciplinary manner, share knowledge with various associates and participants, and deliver clear information. We greatly appreciate the participation of all parties interested and involved.