Seminar on UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserves (MAB)

Date: Tuesday 10th April 2010, 14:20-16:30
Venue: Meeting Room (International Affairs; 12th Floor)
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

Invited Speaker:
Professor Martin Price, Chair, UK MAB National Committee Programme: (Programme is subject to change.)
14:20-15:20 Session 1: Biosphere Reserves in Japan
n Japanese Biosphere Reserves (Overview)
n Introducing some initiatives from Japanese BR
n Q & A and Discussion
15:30-16:30 Session 2: Biosphere Reserves in UK
n The evolution of the UK Biosphere Reserve network
(Professor Martin Price, Chair, UK MAB National Committee)
n Q & A and Discussion

Professor Martin Price
Professor in the University of the Highlands and Islands (Scotland).
He is Vice-chair of the UK MAB Committee and coordinates the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Mountain Development.
The evolution of the UK Biosphere Reserve network
In 1976-77, the UK proposed that 13 of its National Nature Reserves (NNRs) should become Biosphere Reserves (BRs), and UNESCO approved all of these nominations. Until the late 1990s, despite this recognition, there was very little awareness that these 13 NNRs had international recognition. In 1998, a national review of the UK’s BRs was undertaken. This recognised that none of the 13 BRs conformed to the criteria in the 1996 Statutory Framework for the World Network of BRs. As a result, in 2002, four BRs were withdrawn and one was expanded. A second was expanded in 2009, when another national-level review was undertaken. This led to the withdrawal of a further three BRs and the expansion of two others. During this past decade, recognising the opportunities and benefits of BRs, local/regional governments developed two new BRs which have now been recognised by UNESCO. A further three are now at various stages of development. This presentation will discuss these processes and the various lessons learned. UK’s activities on Lima Action Plan will be also included in the presentation.

Expected audience:
Experts from Japanese BRs, Japanese MAB National Committee, National Parks, officers from Ministries and Agencies, persons who are interested in MAB.

Please contact MEXT office or H.Matsuda (matsuda(at) willingly transfer who like to join there to MEXT office.