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MAB Local Knowledge Project JST RistexTD-Vuls ガバナンス/国際開発研究会 Japanese

Inherited the efforts of Trans-disciplinary (TD) science to fuse the traditional knowledge and scientific knowledge cultivated in GCOE "Global Eco-Risk Management from Asian Viewpoints", the former president Kunio Suzuki served as the chair of the MAB National Committee of Japan. Utilizing international efforts such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geopark, World Agricultural Heritage, etc. on the way UNESCO's MAB (Man and the biosphere) program, conservation and use of natural assets based on "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)". Mutual exchanges of experts that contribute to the independence and revitalization of the area utilizing the natural resources of each area were mutually exchanged and the creation of new commons by the regional environmental knowledge formation and sustainable management. In collaboration with the project, develop results, work at the University, and build a cooperative system with practical activities in each region.

 As a contributor of Professor Sato Sato of Ehime University, as a contributor of JST-RISTEX, we are promoting regional SDGs efforts such as MAB projects in cooperation with regional members of various regions based on Transdisciplinary approach, and to learn lesson of case study as the MAB program, IPBES, IPCC, We propose to the world through Pew Marine Conservation Fellow Conference, JICA Project, United Nations University IAS and others. Through case studies of MAB's domestic network and case studies, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MAB, RISTEX), the Ministry of the Environment (World Heritage, National Parks etc.), Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (wind power generation, water quality ecological risk), Ministry of Agriculture We propose a way of transdisciplinary approach based on risk studies.


Hiroyuki Matsuda, D. of Sci.

Professor, Graduate School of Environmental information, YNU
Major: Ecological risk studies, Ocean policy studies
Field: Wildlife management, climate change impact, extinction risk assessment

Representative Publications:

1) Hossain A, Nakamichi S, Habibullah-Al-Mamun M, Tani K, Masunaga S, Matsuda H.; 
Occurrence, distribution and ecological risks of antibiotics in freshwater finfish and brackish water shellfish aquaculture in Bangladesh. Chemosphere 188:329-336, (2017).

2) Shota Nishijima,Takuya Furukawa,Taku Kadoya,Fumiko Ishihama,Thomas Kastner, Hiroyuki Matsuda,Nobuhiro Kaneko
Evaluating the impacts of wood production and trade on bird extinction risks.Ecological Indicators 71: 368–376.(2016)

3) A Oita, I Nagano, H Matsuda
An improved methodology for calculating the nitrogen footprint of seafood.Ecological Indicators 60:1091-1103. (2015)


Shigeki Masunaga, D. of eng

Professor Emeritus (from April 2018), Graduate School of Environmental information, YNU
Major: Ecotoxicology
Field: Environmental risk, regulatory science

Representative Publications:

Introduction to risk science 5 Risk from the viewpoint of science and technology, Iwanami Shoten (2007) ed.

Persistent Organic Chemicals in the Environment: Status and Trends in the Pacific Basin Countries II Temporal Trends Editor(s): Bommanna G. Loganathan, Jong Seong Khim, Prasada Rao S. Kodavanti, Shigeki Masunaga Volume 1244 Publication Date (Web): December 7, 2016

Impact of Bioavailability Incorporation on Ecological Risk Assessment of Nickel, Copper, and Zinc in Surface Waters, Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 227: Article 480(2016、共著)


Nobuhiro Kaneko, D. of Agr

Professor, Graduate School of Environmental information, YNU
Major: Soil ecology
Field: Radiation risk, environmental conservation type agriculture old SLER Ministry of the Environment monitoring site 1000 West Tanzawa Sakai fishing beech forest

Representative Publications:

Miwa Arai,Toshiko Miura,Hiroshi Tsuzura,Yukio Minamiya,Nobuhiro Kaneko 
Two-year responses of earthworm abundance, soil aggregates, and soil carbon to no-tillage and fertilization

Priorities for research in soil ecology. Pedobiologia 63: 1-7.(2017、International Collaboration)

Soil management for the sustainability of primary production-The effect of conservation management in tropical plantations-.Journal of environmental sciences. 30: 82-87 (2017, Mainly written)


Akiko Sakai, D.of Sci

Professor, Graduate School of Environmental information, YNU
Major: Plant ecology
Field:Japan MAB Planning Committee Secretariat World Agricultural Heritage, Future Heritage Movement

Representative Publications:

Akiko Sakai / Hiroyuki Matsuda (2018/1) International scheme to be used in the region-UNESCO MAB plan. Tetsu Sato / Naoki Kikuchi ed. "Regional Environmental Studies-A Challenge for Transdisciplinary Science" The University of Tokyo Press, pp 245-258

Atsushi Sakai and Hiroyuki Matsuda (2016/3) Special Feature "The possibility of UNESCO Eco Park as an effective system to realize a sustainable society" The purpose of this issue. Journal of the Society of Japanese Ecology 66: 119-120

Akiko Sakai (2016/3) Evaluation of UNESCO Eco-park and proposal for future operation-Comparison analysis among systems using the number of hits of Internet search-Journal of the Society of Ecological Studies 66: 165-172


Hiroki Oikawa , D.of Law

Professor, Graduate School of Environmental information, YNU
Major: Environmental law
Field:Asia's Biodiversity Regional Strategy

Representative Publications:

Nature Conservation Litigation-Variation to Ecosystem Services Litigation Journal of Environmental Law Policy 20: 67-90 (2017/3, single)

The Logic of Biodiversity-A Quiet Revolution of Environmental Law, 勁. 186. (2010, single work)

Possibilities and issues of the ABS method-focusing on the relationship with biodiversity conservation, Jurist 1417: 16-22. (2011, single writing)


Osamu Koike ,D. of Pol Sci

Professor, Graduate School of International Social Sciences, YNU
Major: international economic law
Field: United Nations University · ESD (education in sustainable development)

Representative Publications:

Osamu Koike, Masanori Kobayashi, Nobuhiro Kaneko, Shinji Yoshiura(eds.)(2014)Sustainable Living with Environmental Risks, Springer

Sub-Saharan African Governance and Administrative Reform, Research on Seasonal Publication Management 134: 3-18. (2014, Single Author)

Traditional Knowledge for Sustainable Development:: A Case from the Health Sector in Kerala, India. Global Environmental Research 14: 167-175.(2010、main)


Akira Mori , D. of Agr

Associate professor, Graduate School of Environmental information, YNU
Major: Plant ecology
Field:S-14 IPBES, IPCC

Representative Publications:

Biodiversity increases the resistance of ecosystem productivity to climate extremes.Nature 526:574-577(2015,multiple authorship )

Response diversity determines the resilience of ecosystems to environmental change. Biological Reviews 88, 349-364 (2013、main)

Ecosystem management based on natural disturbances: hierarchical context and non‐equilibrium paradigm. Journal of Applied Ecology 48:280-292(2011,single)


External collaboratore

MAKINO Mitsutaku

Fisheries Education and Research Organization National Fisheries Education and Research Organization Central Fisheries Research Institute Group Head TD-VULS ILEK

Shien Takemura

Fisheries Education and Research Organization National Fisheries Education and Research Organization Chuo Fisheries Research Institute Fixed Term Researcher TD-VULS ILEK

Naoya Furuta

Professor, Taisho University Regional Research Institute and Coordinator, IUCN Japan Liaison Office S-14

Ryota Mizui

Non profit organization discover blue Representative director S-14

Keita Furukawa

Sasagawa Peace Foundation Director, Marine Policy Research Institute Ocean Research Research Department Director and Research Committee on Seaside Management S-14

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