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Environmental Risk Management (Syllabus)
Hiroyuki Matsuda


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day 1; Precautionary Principle and Risk Science(The Rio Declaration); Mercury Contamination in Fish(Food Safety Commission Report); Top P-2 P-NPP WHOI-Fukushima see also XLS2
Day 2: Risk benefit analysis of LNG base plant in Nakaikemi wetland; Environmental Impact Assessment for Aichi World Exposition 2005; deer and bear management P-11 P-5 P-7 html xls-5 xls-7
Day 3: EIA for wind turbines on endangered eagles(Population Viability Analysis); p-9 p-8 p-cc p-12 xls-8 blue carbon
Presentations by students "brief introduction of current status of relevant issues (e.g., heavy metal standard, nuclear power, COVID-19, endangered species, human-wildlife conflict, exotic species, wind power, climate change) and suggestion of improvement for decision makers in your home country "

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