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Environmental Risk Managemen (Syllabus)
Hiroyuki Matsuda


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Visit http://d.hatena.ne.jp/hymatsuda/20171206 and Full keywords (I may update if necessary). Please send a short definition (30-100 words) of each keyword into a comment on this blog site. Explanation of 7 key words that haven't been explained by others by Junuary 31. You can add new keywords that I used in the lecture. If you find keywords that I did not use in the lecture, please let me know it. Finally, plase send an email to Matsuda and inform what keywords you wrote.
Full keywords
day 1; Precautionary Principle and Risk ScienceiThe Rio Declarationj; Mercury Contamination in FishiFood Safety Commission Report); Top P-2 P-NPP WHOI-Fukushima see also Pew-WHOI XLS2
Day 2: Risk benefit analysis of LNG base plant in Nakaikemi wetland; Environmental Impact Assessment for US Navy Base (Henoko) and for Aichi World Exposition 2005; P-11 P-5 P-7 xls-5 xls-7
Day 3: EIA for wind turbines on endangered eaglesiPopulation Viability Analysisj; p-8 p-cc p-12 xls-8
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